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Wheel Alignment 

Why is the alignment of your cars wheels so important?

Normal wear and tear from our roads can cause the alignment of your wheels to change, e.g. hitting pot holes etc… and increase tyre wear. Regular wheel alignments can save money in the long run through increased tyre life.

At Adelaide Radial Tyre we provide a wheel alignment service to optimise your cars full handling capabilities.

Wheel Balance 

Why is the balance of your cars wheels so important?

Vibration throughout the vehicle is oftern caused by tyres and wheels being out of balance. While rotating tyres, it is a good time to have them balanced to prevent vibration and continued optimum performance.

Wheel Rotation 

Why is tyre rotation so important?

As tyres tend to wear quicker on the front of vehicles, it is best to rotate the tyres from front to back to ensure even wear across all four tyres.

Tyre Inflation

Why is it important to maintain the correct inflation level of your cars tyres?

Lower than correct tyre inflation may improve the smoothness of your cars rid but it doesn’t help the tyres longevity and fuel economy. Where the tyre is low in air pressure this can cause a problem called tyre drag which amongst other things can increase tyre wear, fuel consumption and engine wear.

Nitrogen filling your tyres is an option worth considering to save time and money.