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Kumho Tires Enraptures European Customers

Kumho Tyres ranked 1st place for the 2nd consecutive year in a tire test held by Russian automotive magazine Za Rulem

Assessed ‘especially recommendable’ by ADAC Motorwelt, Europe’s prestegious automotive magazine read by 18.5 million people.

Kumho Tires, one of the leading tire companies in the world, demonstrated exceptional performance of its featured products to noted European automotive magazines.

Kumho Tires’ SOLUS KH17 took first place in a tire test held by Russion automotive magazine Za Rulem, and ranked in the top flight with the assessment “espesially recommendable” by European automotive magazine ADAC Motorwelt.

Za Relem acclaimed Kumho Tires’ SOLUS KH17 as the best tire among fifteen premium brands. the tir test encompasses as assessment of all disiplines including braking, steering wheel response, safety, noise level, fuel-consumption and wear resistance on both wet and dry roads.

“Kumho Tires’ SOLUS KH17 is strongly recommended for asphalt roads, boasting excellent performance in all weather conditions and remarkable fuel efficiency.” said Za Rulem. ” Kumho Tires ranked at the top once again, confirming that last year’s test result was not occasional.”

ADAC Motowelt, Europ’s most prestigious and most widely read automotive magazine read by 18.5 million people, also recommended SOLUS KH17 the top flight “especially recommendable” and judged ECSTA KH31 as “recommendable” in the March issue.

Competing against seventeen premium tire brands including Bridgestone, Michelin, googyear and Continental, Kumho Tires’ SOLUS17 qualified in all disciplines and ranked ith the top flight. Kumho Tires’ premium model ECSTA KH31 was also judged as “recommendable.”

” Positive remarks from prestigious automotive magazines have great influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions,” said German dealer Wilfried Bosselmann. ” Kumho tires’ latest recognitions are acclaimed by our dealers and customers.”

“We look forward to establishing a stable market overseas by providing quality products that are praised by influential European automotive media,” said J.S. Cho, President of Kumho Tire Europe GmbH.