Tyre Tips

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Due to the increasing popularity of large diameter wheels and low profile tyres, many people are unaware of the need and importance of increasing tyre pressures along with the decrease in tyre profile.

This increase in pressure is required due to the smaller volume of air contained inside the tyre to absorb all the daily road bumps and hazards. Maintenance of tyre pressures has always been important for ride, performance and tyre wear this importance is greatly increased when a vehicle is fitted with low profile tyres.Most vehicle tyre placards do not reflect the need for increased pressures due to the vehicle not coming from the manufacturer with low profile tyres. Vehicle manufacturers also prefer that tyre pressures be set to a lower pressure to increase comfort (not for tyre wear). As this is true lower pressures do provide for a more comfortable ride, they also don’t provide the best result for tyre life and performance.

Low profile tyres require this increase in pressure not only for improving tyre life but to help withstand the increased stress place on the sidewalls of the tyre. Many people believe that it is the sidewalls of the tyre that holds the vehicle up but in fact it is actually the air inside the tyre that holds the vehicle up and it is the sidewalls that contain the air inside the tyre

Failure to maintain increased pressures in low profile tyres may also lead to the tyre’s waranty becoming void. Therefore as you decrease the volume of the air when you fit a low profile tyre you must increase the pressure of the tyre to help compensate for the smaller volume of air contained within the tyre.